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Collision Centre Regina

After a collision, you need to have your car checked and have all the necessary repairs done on time. Ignoring auto body repairs, be it a major or just a minor accident, can end up lowering your vehicle's resale value.  Our collision center restores your vehicle to its original state.


Auto Extreme is the best collision repair center in Regina.  It is equipped with the latest tools and highly trained qualified staff who have the knowledge to fix your vehicle to the manufacturer’s specifications. Once your vehicle is at our collision centre, our estimator will assess the damage quickly and efficiently and begin auto body repairs on a timely basis.


Why should you repair at Auto Extreme in Regina?




Auto Extreme's professional estimators at our collision centre make commitments and ensure that we deliver on them.  We are a top-rated collision centre having repair thousands of vehicles over the years.  We committed to being transparent and upfront when we make our commitments to our customers.  Once your cars damaged is assessed, you are given an estimate, and the final invoice does not deviate much from our estimates. We use genuine parts to ensure that the car looks as good as new.


Dedicated staff


Our staff are well trained and continuously improve their knowledge and auto body experience. Our technicians at our collision center understand the importance of listening to your needs and providing professional advice on achieving those needs.  By doing so, we ensure that you have the best information to make an informed decision about your vehicle auto body repairs.   


Quality repairs: 


Eventually, when you go to sell your car to an auto dealer, you may find that their main concern is what will they be able to sell the vehicle for.  One component of that assessment is checking out the vehicle’s history. To ensure that your car has a high resale value, Auto Extreme will provide you with high-quality repairs that will have the vehicle restored to original conditions and retain as much of its value as possible. Therefore, the company has made investments in modern equipment and highly trained professional labour.


Broad experience: 


Auto Extreme has been in the auto body repair business for over twenty years.  We have worked on thousands of vehicles.  You can trust our experienced professional technicians to provide you with the best auto body repair services for any vehicle. Our collision centre will get it right the first time saving you time and money.  


We value your questions!


Auto Extreme values maintaining a close relationship with its customer ensure that all the repairs are done fully to your satisfaction. We encourage our customers to ask questions, get honest answers and make informed decisions. Where you are unable to make some technical decisions regarding repairs, our highly competent technicians at our collision centre in Regina will be more than willing to offer a helping hand.