Dent & Surface Repair

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Auto Body Surface Repair Regina

Surface repair such as chips, paint cracks or peeling may need the old finish or paint completely to ensure that new car look. Cracks and peeling require stripping since they penetrate to the bare metal and sanding alone is not enough.

Auto Body Dent Repair
We offer dent repair services in Regina both paintless dent removal and for those larger dents, dent repair services. Dents and dings arise from a variety of circumstances:

Auto Hail Damage
If you have been affected by hail damage or storm damage, it is covered under SGI. It does not go against your license, and it does not cause an increase in insurance premiums.

Auto Surface Damage
Surface damage such as cracking, peeling or excessive chipping needs to be corrected by removing the old finish or paint. Scratches that penetrate to the bare metal also need to be corrected by removing the paint and re-painting.

We Value Your Questions!

Auto Extreme values maintaining a close relationship with its customer ensure that all the repairs are done fully to your satisfaction. We encourage our customers to ask questions, get honest answers and make informed decisions. Where you are unable to make some technical decisions regarding repairs, our highly competent technicians at our collision centre in Regina will be more than willing to offer a helping hand.